Radiant Cut Diamonds

First developed in the 1970s, the Radiant cut is considered a modified Brilliant. It is a mixed cut, combining elements of both step-cut and Brilliant faceting.

The Radiant cut merges linear elegance with sparkling brilliance. The crown of the Radiant retains the cut corners and step faceting of the Emerald cut. But some steps have additional cross-faceting. The pavilion has Brilliant faceting similar to that of the Princess cut, with different faceting extending from the cut corners.

Though originally invented as a rectangle shape, Radiants are also cut in squares, the cut corners making them suitable for claw and bezel designs.

The average number of facets is about 70, but this varies according to the characteristics of the diamond crystal from which it is cut.

The Radiant cut is impressive as a solitaire. With smaller sizes now being cut, rows of Radiant cuts may be matched.