Princess Cut Diamonds

The Princess cut is a modified Brilliant cut. At the time of its development in the late 1970’s, Princess cuts were considered innovative and have since become one of the most popular contemporary diamond shapes.

The Princess cut has a sharp-cornered, straight-edged, square or slightly rectangular form. It has Brilliant-style faceting. With up to as many as 76 facets, a well-proportioned Princess cut expresses amazing fire and brilliance.

The Princess cut shape mimics the outline of an octahedral diamond crystal, more so than a Round Brilliant cut.

Therefore, to produce a Princess cut, there is less diamond weight lost in the cutting process. This is reflected in the price of a Princess cut diamond, often being less than a Round Brilliant of equivalent quality.

The Princess cut suits claw and bezel-set solitaire designs or can be matched in graduating sets to span across the finger.